"Super Tuesday II" Predictions

The media needs to assign labels and names to everything and they are calling tomorrow's primaries in OH, TX, VT, and RI "Super Tuesday II".

My prediction is for Hillary to sweep all 4 states. Zach's prediction is that Obama will sweep all 4 states.

Here are the specifics to my prediction:
OH : Hillary +5%
TX : Hillary +2-3%
RI : Hillary +10%
VT : Hillary +10%

Hillary may well end up losing the TX caucus, causing Obama to get more delegates out of TX. But the vulnerability that Hillary will expose on Obama will carry this race all the way to the convention. Long term prediction: the superdelegates will vote for whichever candidate has a better chance of winning the general election in Nov. (i.e. the Dem who polls best in the summer).

Please let me know how absurd my predictions are but also let me know what your prediction is.


Jillian said...

I predict that Hillary will take Ohio and RI but Obama will win by a little in TX and a landslide in VT.

Zachary said...

People love Obama!



A new politics!

No George Bush!

Dave said...

3 for 4

Zachary said...


i guess i owe you a drink

Ol' Blue said...

Well played Mr. Gillespie.