Intelligent Design as theological error

The First Things article today mentions a subject recently broached here:
Adherents of the so-called intelligent design ideology commit a grave theological error. They claim that scientific theories that ascribe a great role to chance and random events in the evolutionary processes should be replaced, or supplemented, by theories acknowledging the thread of intelligent design in the universe. Such views are theologically erroneous. They implicitly revive the old Manichean error postulating the existence of two forces acting against each other: God and an inert matter; in this case, chance and intelligent design. There is no opposition here. Within the all-comprising Mind of God, what we call chance and random events is well composed into the symphony of creation.
I'm not sure ID theorists posit an opposition between God and inert matter. So what can he mean?


Catherine! said...

I think they do, to some extent. Isn't it the ID claim, at least in part, that chance mutations are working toward a designed end?

Maybe I should just read this guy's whole article instead of commenting like an uninformed weirdo.

Zachary said...

Ohhhh you're not uninformed... :)

I definitely agree with your reading of ID theory... part of the theory claims that what we see as random mutation is really being moved towards a specific end.

But is that necessarily claiming some sort of opposition, as this priest suggests?

For my own part I had never read in such an opposition and maybe I missed something. I took the ID theorists to mean something more like God is continually cooperating with His creation.