Breaking Bad Predictions

Walt AND Jesse will die.  Nothing happens to Skylar. 

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Talk about an overreaction

Tom Harkin lookin' for attention, apparently

I might as well join those indulging him.  To be frank, his comments strike me as remarkably ignorant.  This country was designed to encourage disagreement in DC.  It's certainly nothing new.  It also should be expected, given that the policy that is about to be implemented is radical in scope.  It can be stated without hyperbole - this law will change your life.  Does Senator Harkin expect the folks who disagree with him to remain silent?  Eh, who knows.


Your future, NOW!

An Intelligent Take on "OBAMACARE"

A snippet:

An established political idea is like a vampire. Facts, opinions, votes, garlic: Nothing can make it die.
But there is one thing that can kill an established political idea. It will die if the public that embraced it abandons it.
 Six months ago, that didn't seem likely. Now it does.

The public's dislike of ObamaCare isn't growing with every new poll for reasons of philosophical attachment to notions of liberty and choice. Fear of ObamaCare is growing because a cascade of news suggests that ObamaCare is an impending catastrophe.

Big labor unions and smaller franchise restaurant owners want out. UPS dropped coverage for employed spouses. Corporations such as Walgreens and IBM are transferring employees or retirees into private insurance exchanges. Because of ObamaCare, the Cleveland Clinic has announced early retirements for staff and possible layoffs. The federal government this week made public its estimate of premium costs for the federal health-care exchanges. It is a morass, revealing the law's underappreciated operational complexity.


Concerning the Pope's Recent Headlines

Highly recommend this commentary by R.R. Reno:

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Thoughts on Current Affairs

Let's all hope we don't bomb Syria.  What is wrong with our country, that this is how we think about war?

Bombing and killing people for symbolic reasons is not self-defense, and so it's immoral. Plain and simple.

We are not and should not consider ourselves to be the world police.  Sometimes, bad things happen and there isn't much we can do about it.