Bill Belicheck, Football Philosopher

Belicheck is a genius.  Why?  His simplicity.  No bombast, no mixed messages.  Simple truth about what is ultimately a simple game.  Witness a recent interview about this Sunday's game against the bottom of the barrel Dolphins:
“There’s nothing we can do to help our situation unless we win,” Belichick said during his Friday press conference at Gillette Stadium. “We have to win for anything to happen positive. That’s no guarantee that it will, but that’s the first prerequisite. We are operating under that premise. We’ve got to go out there and win. If we want things to be better, we have to help ourselves. We have to do that first. That’s certainly what it’s all about.”
Notice how there is a complete lack of BS.  This is the mark of simplicity which is only found on the far side of complexity.  There is a reason this man wins so many games.  The simplicity is also a mark of humility.  It's a realization that, at the end of the day, the coach cannot control everything, that the players have to do their jobs, and that it's related ultimately to their will.  Do they likewise share this simple will to win? Or are they complicated in their endeavors by the desire to gain the attention of others.  Belicheck preaches simplicity and this is why he is great.

Why is Men in Black 3 one of the best movies I've seen recently?

Not to slight it, it was awesome.

But still....


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Calling a spade a spade

The smartest comment made about the horrific news out of Connecticut:
 “There is evil in the world. It’s beyond mental illness, beyond gun control. It is evil.”
John R. Coyne, Jr.
Other poignant remarks from Ben Stein
The killer got his weapons from his mother, who apparently had bought them legally and registered them. That tells us something about what anti-gun laws would do, although maybe the mother should not have had them either. In this world, a killer devil can kill his mother and steal her guns to kill six year olds. That’s what some humans are and I am not sure what laws will stop them.
 God help us. Man is made of such crooked stuff that it is impossible to set him straight, said a famous philosopher. God help us. 
 Sometimes the only thing we can do is to pray 


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Soren Kierkegaard

"Purity of heart is to will one thing"


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Bob Costas is an ignorant, opportunistic moron.