Socialism and "Free Love"

It is no accident, as the Socialists say, that Socialism and Sex (or "free love") came in together as "advanced" ideas. They supplement each other. Russian dissident Igor Shafarevich, his his profound book The Socialist Phenomenon, explains that the Socialist project of homogenizing society demands that the family be vitiated or destroyed. This can be accomplished in good measure by profaning conjugal love and breaking monogamy's link between Sex and loyalty. Hence, in their missionary phases Socialist movements often stress sexual "liberation," and members of radical organizations may impose mandatory promiscuity within the group, everyone sharing a bed with each of the others, each equally related to each. it is the ultimate in leveling....

Few Americans will buy a bottle labeled Socialism. The cunning of the Socialist hive has consisted largely in its skillin piggybacking on more attractive things. Like Sex.
- Joseph Sobran

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