My first disagreement with Father Robert Barron

Here Father Robert Barron tells us not to worry about the loud public disagreement and confusion caused by the Church's recent Extraordinary Synod on the Family.  He says essentially that this happens all the time and that we ought to be patient with the Church to wait for the true definitive teaching of this council which will be issued a long time from now. 

I would agree with him, IF the Church were debating questions that had not been settled or previously expounded.  However, in this case, the Church is simply giving voice to a seemingly large percentage of the clergy that outright disagrees with the Church's (settled) teaching on any basically any issue involving sexual morality (pick your favorite!)

It's not like this council can end with anything but a simple restatement of moral truths, perhaps cast in a different tone.  The substance of the Church's moral teaching on sexuality will not change, because it cannot, and because it if does, She is not who She says She is.


things the media says

the UK's daily mail  says the Pope "... is about to overhaul a number of social dogmas that the Church has held for many years"

we'll see.