Tony Esolen on Human Liberty

"Freedom cannot be mere permission.  License is not simply a false version of liberty.  It is the death of liberty.

That is because man's liberty is for his perfection.  If you abuse your arms, tearing at them with hooks and crushing them under sledgehammers, you will not achieve any of the good that arms are for.  If you abuse your free judgment and turn to vice, you will have a will that is to the soul no better than the torn and crushed arms are to the body.  No better, and probably far worse."

- Anthony Esolen, pp.40, "Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching"


Greatest NFL Game Ever

Was played tonight, Patriots vs. Ravens, Foxborough Mass. 
35-31 Pats.  Never seen a more competitive or entertaining or thrilling sports contest.
 Guess I had to wait a couple days to see Flacco eliminated.



January 3, 2015

I'd really like Joe Flacco to be eliminated from the playoffs today.
Can't wait until February!