The People Who are Made Happy by Controlling Your Life

Washington uses laws, and enforces those laws with guns and prisons, to ensure that you comply with their vision of human life. Don't worry, America, the President speaks with blithe confidence: you are great. You don't have to do anything. The government has a team of experts dedicated to solving your problems. The government has the solutions to your economic problems. Remember your greatness, America, is in your submission. We will be able to solve any problem once we stop disagreeing about the solution. We must commit to the change dictated by the leaders, the experts. The "petty politics" of disagreement and gridlock are for days past. Step in line, follow the leader. March behind the commander in chief and all of your problems will disappear. America now leads by following.


CMinor said...

Y'know, with this for an SOTU address, the prez coulda saved us all the better part of an hour.

Anonymous said...

well well put

Zach said...

i hear ya cminor, the speech was so damn long. i'd summarize it by calling it populist crap.