An Argument from Superiority

There's nothing quite like a good argument from superiority.
I see a couple of people are attacking Jonathan Gruber. Yes, he has been advising the healthcare reform, but sorry folks, I’ve been reading Gruber’s work for years now — he’s one of the leading healthcare economists in the country (along with David Cutler, who also signed the letter).

- Morning's Minion
See, Minion has been reading his work for years ... he's a leading healthcare economist! No reasonable person can disagree with him.


Catherine! said...

i think the question is, who has been reading Minion's work? i can only listen to his endorsement of Gruber if someone endorses MM. although that endorser would then need an endorsement...

this is why it's better to have the government do our thinking for us.

Zach said...

this is why we're married!