yep, what he said

I'd like to remember this excellent rant from Crankycon:
The current kerfuffle over AIG and its payout of bonuses to certain of its former employees represents my “Popeye” moment where I shout “I stands what I can stands and I can’t stands no more.” No, I’m not outraged about the bonuses, though I think they’re incredibly stupid. My angst is aimed entirely at the hypocrites in Congress and the White House who are feigning moral outrage over a situation that they created.

Congress was not just aware of the bonuses, but indeed they wrote the very law that allowed TARP money to be used for the bonus payouts. To hear sanctimonious little shits like Charles Schumer vow to ignore the Constitution all in the interests of saving face with an evidently incensed electorate only confirms my low opinion of the man. He, along with the rest of the bozos in his party, created the mess, and now they’re yelling at everyone else for their own monumental stupidity.

This mock outrage is doubly infuriating because it is completely out of whack when one considers the monetary total of the bonuses. Considering that the government has doled out over 1.5 trillion dollars - more like 2 trillion plus when you factor in the interest we’re going to have to pay - in the past six months for TARP and the porkulus package, complaining about this $160 million is like fretting over the mice droppings you’ve got in the corner while Barney the giant elephant has left a mountainous turd sitting in the middle of your living room.

No one is fooled by this phoniness. This is all a useful diversion to draw attention away from the real villains in this fiasco - the Democrats in Congress and President Obama.

This is the new game in town. Spend a trillion dollars on completely wasteful spending masqueraded as stimulus, and instead of defending the insanity of it all, attack Rush Limbaugh and let conservatives go after each other instead of the President and his loyal minions. Once the furor over Limbaugh dies down, it’s time to go after those greedy executives. These diversionary tactics are nothing new in the world of poltics, but that doesn’t make it any less shameful.

But this all just exposes the lie that Barack Obama would be some kind of “new” political leader. He is just as mendacious a liar as the last Democrat to hold the office of president. Throw in the complete ineptness of this administration up to date, and Jimmy Carter starts to look good by comparison.

I have never been as depressed about the future of this country as I am now. I knew that the election of Barack Obama would have unfortunate repercussions, but even I did not anticipate this mixture of radicalism, corruption and ineptness into one inglorious stew. Perhaps Obama’s telemprompter can offer us all some words of bland comfort to make the situation seem a little less unpalatable and lead us out of this mess, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

I don’t really pity the folks at AIG. They are simply the latest tools in operation “look away.” But Americans can be duped for only so long, and this charade happily seems to be bumeranging on the Democrats as the public is slowly catching on that their moral duplicity is worse than the bonuses. It’s the only silver lining in this catastrophe, and the only thing that prevents me from weeping for the future of this country.


CrankyCon said...

Thanks, Zach. And it just seems to get worse every day.

Zach said...

IT seems there won't be much America left when it's all over.