"Catholic" "Leaders" concede abortion debate

So this is how we lose:
Q. Does Governor Sebelius support abortion?

A. Governor Sebelius has made clear that she agrees with church teaching that abortion is wrong and has lived and acted according to that belief. She believes that the best way to bring real change to the polarized abortion debate in this country is not to criminalize women and their doctors, but to focus on real, comprehensive results based approaches that can actually reduce the number of abortions.

In fact, Governor Sebelius’s policies of expanding access to health care, increasing funding and tax credits to encourage adoption, and funding “Life Support Centers” to connect expecting mothers with support services throughout their pregnancies led to an 18% decrease in abortions during her time as governor.
Note how the straightforward answer would be one word: "yes". This is extremely disheartening. It's also a terrible argument.

"No, we don't want or need to make murder illegal, we just need to give people enough money and doctor's visits - people won't want to kill anymore if they are healthy and rich! Rich people never kill each other, you know. And nevermind that our health care program will make killing more accessible and safer by making it a state-subsidized right, nay, privilege - we insist there will be less killing, and hey: our insistence means something because we have jobs in academia. "


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