prime time EWTN

Has anyone seen Dale Alquist's Chesterton show on EWTN? The guy's gotta be totally insane. If you can, find a clip of the show when he does, "ask Mr. Chesterton". It's amusing, but Alquist's obsession is positively creepy. And don't get me wrong, I love G.K. Chesterton, I just find it disturbing when Alquist interviews someone pretending to be Chesterton on a prime time Sunday night TV show. (thanks to commentators for correction)


Nancy C. Brown said...

I wasn't sure if you meant this or not, but Dale Ahlquist doesn't play the part of Chesterton, that's actor/historian Chuck Chalberg, who also plays other characters for one-man shows, other historical characters.

And in my opinion, that "Ask Mr. Chesterton" segment was one of their best ever.

If any of the shows help even one person to contemplate reality or truth or how to think, I think it will be worth it, even if the costumed character Chesterton is a little excessively geeky.

Therese said...

The "geekiness" is intentional, I think. Prof. Chalberg is an old hand at portraying historical characters. (See his hilarious Mencken, for example, and his parody of the original preamble to the U.S. constitution.) Overplaying the role a bit is part of the fun. It's necessary to enter into the spirit of the thing, however.

Zach said...

Thanks for the comments and the correction!

Along with you, I hope it causes someone to think deeply about important things.

I suppose my tolerance for geekyness could use some work.