On education in New Hampshire:
TDR: You've done a lot to make school choice an issue in this campaign. Can you tell us a little about where you stand on this?

DC: I'm on the receiving end of the disaster known as the public education system in this state. Kids would come into my classroom at UNH, or when I taught at BU, fully unprepared to read and comment and think critically upon college-level texts. Every study that I've seen on testing kids K-12 shows they are becoming more and more dis-educated every year, and the argument has been they're becoming more and more dis-educated because there's not enough money spent on their education. When you look at per-pupil expenditure increases from 1973 to the present times, you see that, in real terms, per-pupil expenditures have increased 83.7%, and yet we're getting a worse product. I think the way we reverse that trend in education—and we'd better reverse that trend in education—is by understanding that there's no correlation between money spent and results achieved in education. We need to understand that the way that we're going to improve education is by allowing competition to find its way into the industry. Right now it's controlled by a monopoly of teacher unions and administrative unions and so forth, and we've got to bring power back to parents. The way that you do that is by allowing them to decide how their tax money is going to pay for their child's education.
Guess who?

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