George W. Bush looks weary

I highly recommend watching Raymond Arroyo's interview with current President George W. Bush.

You can find it here.

As much as I may disagree with him about this or that, I think it is clear that the President is an honest man of good will who is trying to live according to his conscience. I have always found that those who accuse him of being a liar or taking pleasure in war or whatever to be grossly out of touch with the character of the man; I would cite this interview as evidence for this claim.


James H said...

I imagine the last year of a Presidency is kind aowearing. I think if Bush can get the Colubia trade deal passed he will be happy as that being his significant achievement for the year.

Basically you are off the stage and I guess you start getting a tad weary to get out there.

His post President years might be interesting. It is not often discussed what he might do but it would not suprise me at all is he does something regarding Africa which he appears to have strong feelings about

James H said...

I should add that perhaps this could be a very tense time. I have often thought if some enemy of America wanted to do something this time period or better yet between Nov 4 and the the swearing in of the new President would be the perfect time to do it because of the odd transition plitical dynmaics

Zachary said...

I suppose we should pray for a peaceful transition - you're right this is a volatile time.