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on the ongoing Democratic power grab - who do you think will win?

I pick Obama. Let it be known I usually pick wrong.


Dave said...

I think you're probably right, but my bet is a bitterly divided convention in August. Hillary is likely to win PA big, and she's going to fight for the "voices" of Michigan and Florida to be heard (only because it benefits her of course).

But if the Democratic superdelegates were to switch and support Hillary, there would be a mass exodus of African Americans from the Democratic party. Thus, I suspect the superdelegates will stick with Obama.

Zachary said...

Wouldn't that be interesting!

I like the party infighting.

They're feigning serious disagreement about something they don't take seriously so that they can obtain the only thing they actually take seriously - power.

James H said...

I think it will be Hillary. If she wins IN PA and then proceeds to win the rest( I think she can lose NOrth Carolina) then She will get the nod at the convention.

Nothing beats winning and the media will pick up on that and make that its story line. If Obama loses North Carolina he is in serious trouble.

Zachary said...

To be honest, I'd prefer Obama to Hillary if it has to be a democrat. I find it difficult to listen to Hillary for any sustained length of time.