the pathetic New York Times

This past week the New York Times printed a attack piece on John McCain. Mind you, this is the paper that endorsed McCain for the Republican nomination. Their pathetically obvious and sad strategy was to help him get the nomination and then destroy his candidacy by rumormongering and deceit. Read the article - you can tell within the first page of the article that the Times has nothing substantial to say. This type of journalism scares me, and I think it should scare you. Journalism is no longer about accurately reporting what happens in objective reality (like that's even possible, right?); rather, it seems to be about conforming reality to a particular ideology using the power of manipulation. And yes, the Times is not alone in this endeavor - I don't want to give the impression that I think that other news outlets (e.g. Fox News) are free of bias, but that the Times is perhaps the most guilty in this regard. They don't even try to be objective.

But hey, The Times is the archetype for elite modern journalism, so it's no surprise they have given up on principle and act solely with concern for power.

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