The Inevetible Decline of Obama

Margery Egan is a liberal talk show host for 96.9. She's an Obama supporter. The thing is, she's nervous now that she realizes he has a chance. Obama only spouts rhetoric, and I am confident that the American people will get over his charm by November. Adults will prevail. Here is her article in the entirety:

I’m an Obama girl and my man throttled Hillary Clinton, again, Tuesday night.

Suddenly, the impossible is real.

Suddenly, I’m nervous. Very nervous, actually.

I’m nervous because an otherwise normal grownup told me yesterday she’s watched the will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas) “Yes We Can” Obama video about 100 times and gets “weepy” every time.

I’m nervous because a longtime political type, normally quite cynical, now waxes rhapsodic about Obama’s “cool.”

“He’s elegant, controlled, the best-dressed candidate ever,” he says. Never a red tie, yellow or bright blue. No, Obama does a subdued lean charcoal gray suit with a gray or silvery tie. Everything muted, measured, fluid. “He floats onto the stage, a bit of the Fred Astaire thing going.”

Fred Astaire?

This same man, 100 percent anti-illegal aliens, fears Obama could pull a Reagan or a JFK on the Mexican border, head down there, chanting, “Tear down this wall!” or even do an “Ich bin ein Tijuana!!!”

He’s with Obama anyway.

I’m nervous because Harvard political genius Elaine Kamarck told me Hillary understands the various messes we’re in far better than Obama.

Suppose Kamarck’s right?

I’m nervous about the “O’Bambi” factor. Will the terrorists move in next door when Obama’s in the White House?

I’m nervous because Michelle Obama, about whom I just wrote a fawning puff piece, now says that until her husband’s stunning ascendancy, she’s never before been proud of America. Huh?

Barack now claims she didn’t mean it. Oh, yes she did. We all know the insufferable, holier-than-thou, Blame-America-First types who lecture the unwashed from the rarefied air of Cambridge and Brookline.

If I wanted lecturing, I’d be with Hillary.

I’m nervous because too many Obama-philes sound like Moonies, or Hare Krishnas, or the Hale-Bopp-Is-Coming-To-Get-Me nuts.

These true believers “Obama-ize” everything. They speak Obama-ese. Knit for Obama. Run for Obama. Gamble - Hold ’Em Barack! - for Obama. They make Obama cakes, underwear, jewelry. They send Valentine cards reading, “I want to Barack your world!”

At campaign rallies people scream, cry, even faint as Obama calmly calls for the EMTs. When supporters pant en masse, “I love you!” (like The Beatles, circa 1964), Barack says, “I love you back” with that deliciously charming, almost cocky smile.

Oh - I’m nervous because it’s all gone to his head and he hasn’t even won yet.

I’m nervous because it’s gone to a lot of other people’s heads as well. Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings introduced Obama last week in Baltimore and said, “This is not a campaign for president of the United States, this is a movement to change the world.”

“He walks into a room and you want to follow him somewhere, anywhere,” says George Clooney.

“I’ll do whatever he says to do,” says actress Halle Berry. “I’ll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.”

I’m nervous because nobody’s quite sure what Obama stands for, even his supporters. (“I can’t wait to see,” said actress/activist Susan Sarandon, declaring full support nonetheless).

I’m nervous because even his biggest fans can’t name Obama’s accomplishments, including Texas state Sen. Kirk Watson, an Obama-man who humiliated himself when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked him about five times to name something, anything, Obama’s done. Watson hemmed. Watson hawed. Watson gave up.

I’m nervous because John McCain says Obama’s is “an eloquent but empty call for change” and in the wee, wee hours, a nagging voice whispers, suppose McCain’s right, too? Then what?

Here's the link to the article: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/opinion/columnists/view.bg?articleid=1074977&format=text


Zachary said...

I wonder if the exact opposite case will be true. That is that Obama's popularity will soar throughout the rest of the year. At least from my observations, the more exposure Obama has, the more people like him. I'd like to agree with Egan, but I think her opinion does not agree with the sentiments of a majority of Americans.

I'll probably have to expand on this.

Dave said...

"Majority of Americans"? I think that there is a ceiling for a liberal's support and that is at about 53% of the vote. You are right that most Americans will have a favorable opinion of him, but if McCain can make the debates about issues then he'll win. Most people don't make up their mind till a week or two for the election.

We'll have to think about this more and revisit this of course, but I am not in the mindset that Obama has a lock on the nomination anyway.

Zachary said...

Hmm, interesting idea about the ceiling. I wonder if it exists.

I don't know enough about the statistics of it all.

Dave said...


Here's a good article with similar sentiments.

Ol' Blue said...

I agree with Egan (who, in the back and forth on her radio show "Egan and Browdy," plays the "conservative," doesn't she?"). It reminds me of Charles Krauthammer's recent column comparing America's love affair with Obama to Canada's (Krauthammer used to live there) feelings for Pierre Trudeau in the 70's and 80's. My coworker, also Canadian, says he sees the similarities between Obamamania and Trudeaumania. But the US is not Canada, and Obama still has a mighty tough road to hoe to the Presidency.