Nancy Pelosi says: Give poor people contraception so they stop reproducing

Remember this gem from the wretched Speaker of the House?:
“Family planning services reduce costs.”

That’s what Speaker Nancy Pelosi told George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week. She was defending a provision in the original stimulus bill that would have spent hundreds of millions of dollars for birth control. Republicans had criticized this provision, and so the Speaker responded that promoting contraception among poor people would both stimulate the economy and save the government money on welfare payments.

As the video clip shot around the web, public reaction was intense, and overwhelmingly negative—how could anybody think that preventing poor people from being born was the moral way to help poor people out of poverty? It had the air of eugenics about it, as if she were saying that one generation of poor people is enough. Even the liberal partisan Chris Matthews thought Pelosi’s position resembled China’s one-child policy. In response to the backlash, the President told Pelosi to remove the contraception funding from the stimulus bill.
And she's a Catholic. Now that's concern for the common good!


Anonymous said...

Thing is, she's not a Catholic.

Zach said...

Says who ?

Anonymous said...

If you agree with every fundamental teaching and truth of the Catholic faith, yet fall while still believing, you are Catholic. If you personally and publicly deny fundamental teachings and truths of the Catholic faith, you are not Catholic, you are both a non-believer and heritical.
Are you really a Catholic and a follower of Christ if you pick and choose His teachings according to what suits you best, or are you a follower of something else?

Anonymous said...

And to answer the question more directly, I would argue Jesus says.
Could I believe all things counter to what Catholic faith teaches and still be a Catholic? Could I believe just one thing counter to what Catholic faith teaches and still be a Catholic?

Zach said...

Good answer :)

No I agree with you I just wanted to see where you were coming from.

To play devil's advocate: She is a Catholic in that she's baptized and confirmed and attends Mass and receives the Eucharist.

But dissent from orthodoxy does indeed separate one from the Church. You are correct, she is not a Catholic; everyone's perception is just so.