Excellence Round-Up

(1)Archbishop Chaput's very moving piece about liturgy: "Glorify God By Your Life":
Our worship is an icon of heavenly things, a window through which the reality and destiny of our lives is glimpsed. And the heavenly liturgy is the key to the universality of the Church’s mission. In the Catholic vision of history, God’s plan of salvation is destined to culminate in a cosmic liturgy in which all creation gives praise and glory to God, the Creator of all things. We have a foretaste of the liturgical consummation of history every time we celebrate the liturgy on earth.

This truth should transform the way we worship. It should move us with gratitude that our God would grant us the privilege of joining the angels and saints who worship before him. It should make us strive for liturgies that are reverent and beautiful, and that point our hearts and minds to things above.

This truth should also change the way we think about our public witness in this culture. We’re called to testify to Jesus Christ, to make his teachings known, to fight against all that violates God’s holiness and justice. And we need to understand our mission in the light of God’s larger plan, conceived before the foundation of the world.

The ultimate purpose of our witness is to prepare the way for the cosmic liturgy in which all humanity will adore the Creator. Our work takes part in this redemptive plan in which Christ continues to reconcile all things, until that day when every knee in heaven and on earth shall bend in worship, and God is “all in all,” as St. Paul put it.

(2) Crankycon on everything political.

(3) Two new lectures from Professors Patrick Deneen and Peter Augustine Lawler. If you want to know what I think about politics, listen to these guys! It's a privilege to listen to them.


Anonymous said...

So God created everything so they would be destine to worship him.

egomaniac much?

Pretty crappy plan. I would have just created everything such that it worshiped me. But I guess igniting bushes and zombie jesus is a better plan.

Zach said...

Yes, God created everything so that everything can glorify God, because glorifying God is a great privilege. This is not self-centered because God is not changed by the existence of His creatures. God needs nothing from His creatures and God seeks nothing from His creatures. He did not create us out of a desire for self-aggrandizement. That is an assumption of yours, not a Christian or typical theistic belief. On the contrary, we Creatures delight in the glory of the Creator as the source of all that is true, good and beautiful.