Omnipresent Pride

Mary Eberstadt has an excellent column in today's Catholic Thing.
All of us face the same problem of distinguishing what must be done to build the Kingdom from what must be done to build the Kingdom of Me. Does the diligent student work harder than anyone else in class to develop God-given talents – or because he wants to be godlike in academic prowess over others? Does the zealous volunteer labor selflessly for the good of the hospital or school – or does she work to burnish the image of herself as top charity dog?

Or consider the enormous role of “social networking,” meaning life lived online – a world in which the constant updating and promotion and image-building of oneself is not only socially acceptable, but the necessary norm. Has there ever been a bigger labyrinth than the Internet for the sin of excessive self-regard to hide?
To which one might add, does one write on a blog for the greater glory of God, or does one write on a blog to promote oneself and one's own excellence? I wish I could say I always act for the former reason, but all too often I think of myself first. This is a struggle not just on the internet, but everywhere and always in my life. Catholics are called to put God first, in everything we do. When you get up and brush your teeth in the morning, it should be to glorify God - even something as simple as bending over to tie your shoe can be offered up to God as a form of praise. I hope to learn to live my life this way before I die.

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