the limits of the "blogosphere"

Nate Wildermuth wants to Christianize the blogosphere. A noble goal, indeed. In the course of his proposal, he suggests that the Catholic blogosphere is concerned with evangelization or formation. Broadly speaking, I think this is not true. The blogosphere is concerned with the application of Catholic principles to public life. This means the blogosphere deals in opinion where reasonable people can disagree. There is less light here. Because of this, the most important intellectual quality for Catholics is proper perspective, i.e. an appreciation of the hierarchy of truth. This is another way of saying we must be humble. If we cannot distinguish between principle and practical judgment, between dogma and opinion, and between the highest truths we know with certainty by faith and the lower truths we know with much less certainty by reason, we will not be able to find our common ground nor the true source of our disagreements. The internet is really nothing but a good place to have a conversation with people you might not encounter in your daily life. I think it's silly to expect much out of it...except perhaps a way to challenge your ideas. But I don't mean to knock Nate for trying...

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