Limbaugh today

"Democrats are Judged by Their Intentions, Not by Results"

This seems true.

"[If] the economy rebounds despite the Porkulus bill, Obama will be hailed as a great president. If it makes matters worse, he'll be hailed because "at least he tried."

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Anonymous said...

Are you arguing that the converse of this statement is not even more likely? From the conservative perspective, if the economy recovers it will do so in spite of the stimulus bill, while, if it continues to crater, it will do so as a direct result of Obama's actions.

How is any of this Limbaugh blathering productive?

Conservatives and liberals alike should be focused on putting "country first" - i.e. working to pull ourselves out of this mess instead of trying to save face and (mis)allocate blame.

Hey, you know what? On second thought, screw that. Let's all root against an economic recovery. Who knows what the hell will happen to this country, but at least Obama will be exposed for the fraud he is.