"The great moral force of true love lies precisely in this desire for the happiness, for the true good, of another person. This is what makes it possible for a man to be reborn because of love, makes him aware of the riches within him, his spiritual fertility and creativity: I am capable of desiring the good for another person, therefore I am capable of desiring the good. True love compels me to believe in my own spiritual powers. Even when I am 'bad', if true love awakens in me it bids me seek the true good where the object of my love is concerned. In this way, affirmation of the worth of another person is echoed in affirmation of the worth of one's own person - for it is awareness of the value of the person, not of sexual values, that makes a man desire the happiness of another 'I'. When love attains its full dimensions, it introduces into a relationship not only a 'climate' of honesty between persons but an awareness of the 'absolute', a sense of contact with the unconditional and the ultimate. Love is indeed the highest of the moral values."
Love and Responsibility, pp, 138. Karol Wojtyla

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