Rush Limbaugh's advice

Rush is always good at moments like this:
Yes We Can! The reestablishment of principled conservative opposition begins today. McCain did everything the Wizards of Smart on our side told him to do, and he failed. Moderate Republicanism lost. Conservatism didn't.

Pearl of Wisdom: "I'm not against graciousness and being congratulatory towards President-Elect Obama, but the motivation for it troubles me greatly, as we seek here not to 'rebuild' the conservative movement, by the way, but to simply reestablish it and take it back from a bunch of frauds and pretenders who want to 'redefine' it."

This is what moderation got us: 20% of "conservatives" voted for Obama.


CMinor said...

Indeed. I sometimes think the moderates have a collective Stockholm syndrome thing going with the left.

I may scream the next time I encounter somebody hoping this crisis will "save" the GOP from those nutty conservatives. Like that Vietnamese village, they'll "save" it.

Zach said...

haha, everyone needs a good scream now and then

Kyle R. Cupp said...

How does Mr. Limbaugh define conservatism?

Rob said...

Yes, I am not a Republican but I think this could be a good two years for them. Time to reestablish their identity and decide whether they are really a conservative party or not. Myself, I would gladly join a Conservative party, but the Republicans are way too liberal.

Zach said...

Conservatism is, very broadly, the belief in the expediency of limited government coupled with traditional morality and a belief that progress should be, in most cases, incremental as to prevent revolution.

This is basically what Rush espouses.