internet absence

I've started a new job and at present it calls almost all of my time. I intend to update on the weekends if I can. I miss all the philosophical conversations, but people need to eat.


Darwin said...

Ach. Well, we shall miss you -- and hope we see you around in evenings and weekends.

Such things can definitely eat up time, though. After long periods of having odd leisure moments at work, they're about to hire me an assistant, which oddly enough means I'll have much less time to fool about. ;-)

Zach said...

Aw thanks man

I am going to try to keep at it despite my limited time.

Gotta fight the good fight

By the way, excellent work with American Catholic, I'm sorry I can't help out at the moment!

Darwin said...

In re AC, you know, some of the stuff you put up here could easily go up there.

Especially some of the First Things quotes you put up. (My weakness is: I type really fast, but I read slowly, so my bloglines has something like 40 On The Square entries I haven't had time to read yet.)

Zach said...

Ok - I wasn't sure if people wanted more substantive posts or comments. Sometimes I just use this place as a journal or log of stuff I think is excellent.

I will probably start cross-posting.

Kyle R. Cupp said...

Congrats on the new job. Hope your schedule opens soon.

Zach said...

thanks kyle!