a short list of words we could do without

Now don't get me wrong, I love words. But aren't there some that we could do without? Here is a short list of words I think fall into that category, coupled with a short explanation. Please, if you can think of any to add, let me know.
web-log: An abbreviated and ugly expression, but perhaps more palatable than it's progeny,

blog: The sound of this word is simulatenously cheesy and painful. Plus, it refers to something of questionable respectability - a public personal journal

chillax: A heinous concatenation of the slang words chillin' and relaxin'

neocon: This is often used as a slur without any reference to what might actually mean

irregardless: Why put the "ir" there?

blogosphere: this is not a place i want to visit

parent: The speech codes at my University say that we should avoid using the words "mothering" and fathering" and instead use parenting or nuturing. This is because, according to the University thought police, we "ought to avoid gendering a non-gendered activity"

first-years: the politically corrected version of "freshmen"

attitudinize: what an ugly word!

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