The Candidates

Marco Rubio is my choice.  I do not agree with the media's narrative of last night, of his supposed self-destruction.  Everyone on that stage put their foot in their mouth at some point during those three hours - it happens, no one is perfect. Rubio clearly has some understanding of limited government, of the fundamental injustice of abortion, and speaks intelligently enough on the economy and foreign policy to compete with Hillary.  He can handle hard questions and his answers generally do not make me squirm (a few moments from last night are the exception).

Ted Cruz would be a good candidate, but I do not believe he passes the "likeability" test.  Politics these days is a popularity contest - witness President Barack Obama and his two terms - and conservatives would be wise to remember that the candidate we choose has to win the general election.  Our candidate has to attract voters who generally do not pay attention to politics or concern themselves with political things.  I believe that Rubio has a significant advantage over Cruz in this aspect. 

Carly Fiorina is regrettably not electable, for whatever reason.  The polls don't go her way.  If she were still in contention she would probably have my vote because she is, as far as I can tell, the most competent, commanding and conservative character running for office. This is especially disappointing because as far as I can tell the media made this choice for the American people.  Or maybe she needs a better "outreach" system or whatever.

I am especially disappointed in the way Dr. Ben Carson has performed in the last 8 months of the campaign.  At the outset of primary season I was encouraged by his grasp of the language of republican (lowercase r intentional) politics.  But it has become clear, especially last night, that his ability to command a room and his grasp of the details are lacking.

Trump is an egomaniac, entertaining at times, terrible at others, but ultimately empty.

The rest of 'em are liberals -!  Go Rubio!

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