Why is the Social Security Administration buying ammunition?

Hollow point ammunition, nonetheless.  

At first, you ask yourself: what?  Why is the government arming itself in this way?  What possible use could the Social Security Administration have for ammunition?  Then you think, well, there's probably some other bureaucracy involved, and this is some sort of cover.  Seems that the Department of Homeland Security has staged random armed ID checkpoints, most notably in Florida.  Could this be related?  Who knows - maybe.  Why are they doing this?  Does it have something to do with fighting terrorism?  Is it related to preparation for civil unrest, ala Greece? If so, does it really help? Is it prudent?  Is it what we really want? What administration is responsible for this?  What democratic body approved of this?

Then the easier questions - is it really a big deal?  Probably not. Has the government probably been doing something like this for a long time, and it's just gone unnoticed?  Likely.  Do these realities "make it ok?" No, not really. This is at least a waste of time and money, and more seriously it's probably a threat to our liberty. It's clear that the terrorists have really succeeded in controlling us.  Policies and practices like this are proof.

This country is crazy.

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