Father Corapi

I am heartbroken by the news of Father Corapi leaving the priesthood of his own free will. If you had told me that he would leave the priesthood 5 years ago, I probably would have laughed at you. It's completely unbelievable. He was a good priest and a great and wonderful teacher of orthodox Catholicism. But now it seems the world has gotten to him; he has forgotten that Christ is the reason for his fame.

Christianity teaches us that we are signs of God's love to other people. Many Catholics saw in Father Corapi just that - a sign of God's love. This is why it is so hard to say goodbye to him, but say goodbye we must. We must help Corapi fade into obscurity where he can once again realize his ultimate dependence on Jesus Christ. Whatever Mr. Corapi's greatness was, it was not his own. All good things are of God.

It is sad to see him go.


Joseph said...

Someone accused Fr. Corapi of consensual sex with an adult woman and using illegal drugs though he was never allowed to know who accused him or the details of the allegation. He publicly denies having had any sexual activities with anyone and denies any drug use as well. He has waited a year for the "investigation" to clear his good name all the while unable to defend himself against a nameless/ faceless accuser. Fr. Corapi's lawyers have informed him that he will never receive a fair trial/investigation. Fr. Corapi is well known as a former drug addict from life before his ordination. He would be unable to use any drugs as he would relapse and his using (if he were)would have been apparent. People don't realize the fight raging inside the Catholic Church against Her orthodoxy and the Priests who teach and defend the faith. Many saints in the past have been imprisoned by their own orders for adhering to and defending the faith. Fr. Corapi has done just that, defended the faith and his flock for the past twenty years. He has called people out many times before for teaching heresy within the Church and he does it whether you're one of the laity or a bishop. This was an attempt to silence a Holy Priest of Christ. He would have been allowed to stay ordained but would have been unable to preach and administer sacraments. This was done to shut him up. Nobody ever thought he would leave the priesthood he so dearly loves but he did for the poor sheep. Now he can speak and teach again for the benefit of souls. God forbid, but I would not be surprised if he turned up dead or had an "accident" because certain individuals hate him and want him silenced and plan A just failed. For more information on attacks on the Church from within look up a book called Aa-1025: The Memoirs of a Communist's infiltration in to the Church. It sells for 8 bucks on Amazon.com

Zach said...

Father Corapi has of his own free will given up the priesthood.

He didn't have to.

Does a man leave his wife because he is falsely accused of adultery?

No, I didn't think so.

Likewise with Father.