America is a mission country

The New York Times tells the story of a recent influx of priests from Africa, Asia and Latin America. They come to fill the vocational void in American dioceases.

The lead paragraphs do a great job explaining why there is a shortage of priests in America:
OAK GROVE, Ky. — The Rev. Chrispin Oneko, hanging up his vestments after leading one of his first Sunday Masses at his new American parish, was feeling content until he discovered several small notes left by his parishioners.

The notes, all anonymous, conveyed the same message: Father, please make your homilies shorter. One said that even five minutes was too long for a mother with children.


Anonymous said...

i attend st. michael's in oak grove, ky where father oneko was our priest for a few years. i don't understand why someone would write this comment. his stories are so beautiful and touching. they are easy to relate to in life which grasps the childrens attention as with adults. you will never find a man with more of the holy spirit surrounding him as father oneko. we miss him terribly at st. michael's. we pray for him at every mass and those who have been in his present will be touched forever.

CMinor said...

If that story is in any way representative of parishes in general, I think I finally understand why one of our African fathers went back to Africa after a couple of years in the U. S.

What amazes me is that they haven't all left.