A man that we must re-elect

Please read P. J. O'Rourke's piece on Sen. Sununu.

Jeanne Shaheen cannot be elected to the Senate. She will advance a liberal-socialist agenda in Washington, but worst of all we will lose a great public servant.

It is so rare to have a public servant who not only approaches political issues with an analytical background, but also with a sound political philosophy.

I look forward to the debates this fall. I also look forward to campaigning for the "smartest man in the senate".


Zachary said...

haha, burn!

I got a letter from his office.

The letter said, "Senator Sununu is pro-life, excepting the cases of incest, rape, or health of the mother. He supports legislation to this end."

In other words, he didn't respond RE: that Iraq funding bill that included funding for planned parenthood.

I guess I shouldn't expect a question specific response.

They probably receive mails and sort them through a pre-determined response filter.

Dave said...

Yeah, I think they have interns doing that. But what you gotta do is goto a campaign event and just ask him in person. I'm sure he could give you a good explanation.

Zachary said...

I should do that.

Let me know if you ever get invited.

Ol' Blue said...

What a cool article. It makes one proud to be a NH boy!